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Bridging Finance


South Africa

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Transfer Attorneys

Why wait for property registration when we can assist your clients with fast advances. 


Home Owners
Home Owners

Home Owners

Owners with approved second bonds or bond switches are often dependent on the bond registration before funds are made available. We can help.

Law Consultation
Estate Agent South Africa

Estate Agents

We provide quick, cost-effective commission advances on property sales.

Showing House to Customers
Estate Attorney

Estate Attorneys

We also offer bridging finance for estate property transactions.


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About Mansho Capital 

Why wait for property registration when you can enjoy the convenience of having some of the proceeds in advance?

Mansho Capital offers short-term bridging finance for property buyers, sellers, agents and owners on property transactions.

We provide a friendly, fast, efficient and professional client experience using a streamlined application process with a quick turnaround time for approval once all application requirements have been met and submitted by the transferring attorney/conveyancer for processing.

Bridging Finance
The Team
Short-Term Finance South Africa



Leonard Herselman has over 35 years' experience in operations, supervising and management in various sectors of business. Leonard brings to the business a wealth of experience and a comprehensive understanding of short-term business funding needs.


With a strong background in finance and over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in various industries, Brett specialises in the fields of tax and financial planning and is passionate about helping individuals and businesses become financially efficient.

Frequently Asked Questons
Bridging Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bridging Finance?

Once a property is sold, up to 80% of the net proceeds and/or agents commission can be advance by way of a discounting agreement.

At what stage can advances be made?

Once the property sale agreement has been finalised, full purchase price has been secured and all agreement suspensive conditions have been met.

When can finance be made available?

Once all bridging finance application requirements have been met and submitted by the transferring attorney/conveyancer for processing.

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